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Hi Everyone! We are excitedly moving ahead at a steady and strong pace. This place is humming with action in every office in anticipation of getting these STS workouts to you very soon. What’s really exciting is that because we are this far along in the process we are able to share workout clips on You Tube more frequently now. Yes!!!!! Ok, so let me not waste any more time and tell you about the clip I have for you here.
This clip is from Mesocycle One, LEGS (week one). Remember each Mesocycle has four separate workouts per program (again, in this case the program is LEGS). So you are about to watch a clip of the first workout in the four total Leg workouts of Mesocycle One. I’ll explain what the workout entails and then the clip will show some of the highlights.
First you’ll warm up in my classic fashion with toe taps, knee lifts, and leg lifts to get the blood pumping. Then you’ll do your first three exercises that don’t involve anything more than your own body weight or a band to really heat your legs up fast. Warning….these exercises are part of the workout so don’t wonder why your legs are already burning right off the bat, heee hee hee hee heeeeee (it’s almost Halloween so you know you are due for the word “bat” followed by a witches laugh). So what are these first three exercises? Walking lunges with Plie jumps (and a lot of them), One leg touch down squats, and Firewalkers (and a lot of them)!!!!!
Ok, now your legs are trembling and ready for the next level of the workout, ha! You will do One Leg Elevated Lunges (LOW AND SLOW and PARTIAL REPS TOO) to really get in there. Wide Stance Deadlifts to get your adductors more involved. You will REALLY feel the difference with this wider stance. Next up, Paper Plate Lunges that will take you into deep levels you never experienced before (of course you do not have to go down this low if you do not want to). It is the gravitational pull and the return to the top that give these “plate” moves their venom!!!! Next, One Leg Wall Squats (why is one leg is soooo hard, whaaaa), Standing Squats RIGHT INTO Calf raises. This sequence will set your legs on fire.
Next up, Front Lunges all on one side so you keep the muscles steamy, then Stiff Legged Deadlifts on the platform to get deep into those glutes and hammies, ouch, followed by Double Leg Wall Squats and Lateral Step Ups ……are you stinging yet?????
But the ultimate closing (unless of course you want to add on the Bonus Legs) comes in the end. You will do Drop Side and Stand Leg Abduction Lifts, Sequential Front Lunge Kick Combo, Narrow Stance Squats, again with a bonus Calf Raise, and one final round of Wide Stance Deadlifts to leave you shaking in your shoes! This closing makes sure that you have used every last muscle fiber in your legs and brought you to complete failure.
Even so, I know some of you will STILL want to do that Bonus Leg section (high fives to you in advance). Btw, there is a DIFFERENT Bonus Leg section after each of the four leg workouts in Mesocycle One and we are going to show a future clip with all four bonus segments combined on one You Tube clip. These bonus leg sections use anything from stability balls, to ankle weights, bands, paper plates, etc. They are included to isolate certain leg muscles more specifically, with higher reps too, to really give you a burn. It is up to you to make these bonus add-ons as hard or easy as you want them to be (it depends on how fried you are, wink). For instance, you can do more or less reps, increase or decrease your ankle weight, put more tension or less tension on your band by choking up on it or letting up on the grip. So see…. I’m not so mean after all….LOL. Enjoy the show everyone! Let me know if you have any questions.
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