STS Shipping Notice

Hi Everyone! The news we have all been waiting so patiently for has finally arrived. Yes, you guessed it, SONY has spoken. We should have STS in stock as of January 27th (we were notified BY SONY to give or take a day or two either direction).

The user guides are already here and waiting to unite with the STS DVD’s that will be sent to you. Please remember the DVD’s will be shipped in the order they were received. Also, STS will be available on our www.shopcathe.com website shortly and we will once again be accepting new on-line orders, however, the new STS orders will not ship until all pre-orders have been sent off.

Our entire staff will be moving in high gear to ship all the presale DVDs just as soon as they arrive. It is hard to believe that it is almost time to deliver “our baby” to you. Can you believe that it has been nearly two years that we have worked on STS? Since the day the idea was put to paper, we have researched, designed, tested, rehearsed, filmed, edited, authored, and even developed custom software for STS and I can’t tell you how excited we’re to share it with you.

As I mentioned in the last update, next week we will launch our new beta 2.0 Workout Manager on our website which will help you schedule, track and get the most out of all your STS and fitness workouts. Wait until you see how easy our new WM makes it to print a workout card from any of our STS workouts.

We have already given you a sample Cathe TV video clip this week but next week we will officially launch the very beginnings of Cathe TV. I’m looking forward to filming special episodes and video clips to help you understand and get more out of the STS program. And remember, I’ll be working out with you every week and joining you on our forums to discuss that week’s STS workouts and what you should expect in the following week’s routines.

Enjoy your weekend (doing the happy dance) !!

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