STS Discs #3, #6, #9, #12 Bonus Legs

To View YouTube clip go to: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8unqfMV7ZFw

Hi Everyone! Here is a clip that features a sampling of all four of our Bonus Leg segments. Remember that Mesocycle One (the muscle endurance phase) finishes each of the four leg workouts with Bonus Leg Conditioning Exercises. These workouts are optional but specifically cater to those who are looking for those additional high rep isolation exercises that really “get in there” one last time. But don’t get me wrong, the main workout gets the job done (and then some !!!)…. but if you enjoy doing light weight, high rep exercises as well as hitting the muscles from different angles with various “grab n go” equipment, each of these 10-ish minute add-ons will be a wonderful “bonus burn” for you.

Because we are limited for time on a You Tube clip, you will only see a portion of each “Bonus Legs” segment. But I will write out the four routines here so you can see what each bonus workout features. Enjoy the clip!


Equipment: Stability Ball and Paper Plates….(and chair)

Standing Side Leg lifts.. Straight leg
Standing Side Leg lifts…. Bent leg (balancing a paper plate) Front/Back Fan Kicks w/Ball Single Leg Calf Raises Tibialis Press and Pull w/Ball


Equipment: Bands and Ankle Weights…(and chair, mat)

Standing Straight Leg Kickbacks w/band
Bent Knee Kickbacks w/band
Supine Outer Thigh Press w/Band
Inner Thigh Raises w/ankle weights


Equipment: Paper Plates and Ankle Weights (and mat)

Seated Leg Raises w/ankle weights
Outer Thigh Lifts w/ankle weights
Slides N Glides w/plates
Glute Presses


Equipment: Stability Ball (and mat)

Outer Thigh Lifts w/Ball
Hamstring Roll Ins w/Ball
One Leg Roll Ins w/Ball
Frog Style Roll Ins w/Ball
Inner Thigh Toss and Squeeze w/Ball
Glute Squeeze w/Ball

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