Shock Cardio Update

sc-3865838358_e4b1c3ed99Hi Everyone! We are busy beavers here at Cathe.com with our main update right now being Shock Cardio rehearsals this past weekend. We rocked it. One day we did the step workouts but I forgot to take pictures (oops so sorry) and the next day we did the circuit workouts. If you look at our FLICKR photo’s you will see our circuit photos posted. We are doing air squats, box jumps, wide stance box jumps, and lateral jumps. Remember that all exercises can be modified easily if needed/preferred. Air squats are rapid and explosive and require nothing but your body weight. Sound easy? Not! You’ll see, wink! Box jumps, as well as wide stance box jumps, can be done on just 8 inches of height if 4 or 5 risers make you a wee bit nervous. But trust me, once you get stronger this will be an easy (ok, easier) jump. Lateral jumps can be modified by how simultaneously high and far you decide to travel.

Gym Jam circuit will focus more on various challenging compound body movements (ie: one arm clean and press with lunge and moderate weight) to spike the heart rate. This workout will feel like a cross between Drill Max, any Imax and STS Plyo Legs. Various equipment is used to enhance your cardio experience.

Skills and Drills will have less equipment and a plethora of cardio based exercises that keep things moving quickly at a huff n puff state (with brief rest periods in between to psyche yourself up).

Both workouts are super challenging and should be done for exceptional cross training cardio benefits.

We are still receiving our music as I type here. It is almost complete and it rocks. I have been using the step mixes in my classes and everyone asks me where I got my music. It is peppy, springy, and driving in energy.
We will be having more rehearsals this week and up through Labor Day weekend. I’ll try to give you an update on kickbox next week.

Have a wonderful holiday everyone!

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