Post Baby Come Back by Holly Sorell

Post Baby Come Back by Holly Sorell

As a teenager I was obsessed with my weight and the number on a scale to the point of denial,looking back now I can see it may have been a borderline eating disorder as I equated a number on the scale with beauty and self worth.

When I entered my 20’s and married,my new phobia became getting pregnant and packing the pounds on.I have been doing aerobics since I was 13 years old,often becoming bored of the same handful of DVD’s that had lined my shelf. I continued to work out either at home with the same videos or a gym where I was motivated by a fitness instructor and classmates to keep me accountable to the daily workout grind.

At age 27 I became pregnant with my first baby,I did cardio and was stuck in the rut of a daily weight workout for toning and 60-90 min cardio.I gained 40 lb with my oldest and about flipped out as the scale went up even when I was consistently exercising.Thankfully that weight dropped a couple months after he r birth and my second child born 3 years later I gained 50lb. Getting to the gym was more difficult with a newborn….I turned on the TV one day and saw Cathe,I decided to try her pyramid work out and was smiling when I finished because it was the first time in years I wasn’t dreading my boredom from the same routine and videos.I felt better and was eager to try her again…I have followed her now for 6 years.

Most recently I had my 3rd baby on my 35th birthday in Oct 2012.I gained 80 lb and struggled with blood pressure issues which prevented me from being able to

Holly Sorell success story

maintain or work out for most of the 9 months I was pregnant.In some ways I became depressed and longed to be up and doing Cathe workouts.I knew Xtrain was coming out so I had something to look forward to once I gave birth and a way to work towards a goal. As soon as the DVD’s came I opened the package knowing I could trust Cathe’s advice and booklet in the Xtrain because of all the science and research behind her products.I felt overwhelmed and wondered how in the world I could lose this weight?!Surprisingly these videos so far have been the most effective way to lose weight as well as getting your cardio and weights in.I felt like I could do less cardio in less time and have a more effective well rounded workout.

I just purchased my own spinning bike so I could do the Ride DVD,I love being able to sweat in my own home.I try to introduce those with limited time to work out to the Cathe DVDs.When people complain that they are expensive I try to show them the value and the results in them,my heart now isn’t about a number on the scale,its about feeling great mentally and physically so that I can take care of my family without feeling overwhelmed.I point out that you won’t find work out DVD’s with this many premixes on one disc nor will you find them sitting on a shelf unused because you are bored and unmotivated to do them to produce the results you are look ing for.Later in the fall of 2012 the Xtrain videos arrived as a late birthday present from my husband.I have been following the recommended schedule in her Xtrain book mixing it up with the low impact series.

I never thought I could jump around so much,lift as heavy as she demonstrates,and have fun while getting the weight off.So far I have lost 60lb out of the 80lb I gained down from the 200lb that topped off on the scale on this 5ft 3in frame that hadn’t ever had that much weight on me before.I feel balanced and energized more so now than I did as a teenager worried about a number on a scale.I only weigh myself every couple wks.I try to incorporate some of Cathe’s dietary options from her weekly newsletter but the consistency of the work out DVD’s I think are the biggest metabolic booster. I hope you too are able to find as much joy in her workouts as a personal trainer in your own home as I do.

I am saving $200 a month not driving on the DC beltway with a gym membership as well as the time spent loading up 3 kids and the long drive in city traffic making it an all over efficient way to work out in this season of my life.Thank you Cathe for helping us become better people to take care of ourselves so we can take care of our family in our lives!

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