Plyo Legs – Disc #24 – YouTube video clip

To view our newest YouTube clip go to: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pPa6k92ZBOc

Hi Everyone! Just as promised here is a sampler of one of the four total Plyo Leg routines. Expect to leave no stone unturned as you jump, squat, lunge and leap your way into a dynamic level of strength. Rest assured that every ounce and angle of muscle fibers have been recruited by the completion of each workout. As you remember, these Plyo Leg workouts are from Mesocycle #3 and are designed to help you develop explosive strength and power….and that they do!!!! The lower body workouts in this mesocycle feature two options to get the job done…..either plyometric based workouts or squat rack (or weighted vest) assisted workouts. The Plyo Leg workouts are a less conventional approach to developing strength while the Squat Rack workouts (which we will feature in a future You Tube clip) follow a more traditional approach. Pick the method that appeals to you most. Well, enough talk, let’s hop to it (literally)!!!!

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