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For over thirty years Cathe has been known for producing the highest quality workout and fitness exercise videos and DVDs, and along the way, we built one of the friendliest and most supportive communities in the fitness industry.

We offer one of the largest privately held fitness libraries in the world with over 600 fun and challenging workout videos and DVDs to help you get the results you are looking for.

Our workout DVDs are not only known for their effectiveness but also their outstanding chapter menus and/or workout premixes that give you more control and workout options than other exercise DVDs.

The links below can help you get help from our staff and the Cathlete community and help you plan your workouts and get the motivation you need to reach your fitness goals. And don’t forget to check out our fitness Blog with over 4000 articles on fitness, nutrition, weight loss, and health.


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If you need help or advice make sure to reach out to our Cathlete community in our discussion forums and Facebook Page, or contact our customer service team  (M-F: 9 am – 5 pm eastern).

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Featured Cathe Products

Cathe's New Perfect30 DVDs

Cathe Friedrich’s Perfect30 is an advanced three exercise DVD series that is a perfect fit for your fitness schedule when you’re tight on time but you still want a solid, intense workout! Each exercise DVD in this series contains two 30 minute workouts that focus on the main elements necessary for a well-balanced fitness routine: strength conditioning; cardio endurance; and balance/flexibility.

Cathe TPE mats are lightweight. Even though Cathe TPE mats are thicker, they’re also extremely lightweight and flexible, so they’re easy to take with you when you travel or go to the gym


Cathe Friedrich’s Step Boss step aerobic DVD series is designed for the advanced exerciser and is comprised of 3 step DVDs that will challenge your muscles and cardio endurance with fun new, energetic routines! 

LITE is Cathe Friedrich’s LOW IMPACT DVD series focused on the needs of the intermediate exerciser. Don’t let the name of this workout series fool you. It may be LITE on impact and LITE on your joints, but the LITE Series is anything but LITE on the challenge! 

Cathe TPE Firewalker exercise loops are latex-free and offer superior and smoother elasticity throughout the entire exercise movement, including both the concentric and eccentric phase of the exercise. These are the same bands we use.

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Collagen Supplements
Cathe Friedrich

Can Collagen Supplements Boost Muscle Growth?

Can taking a collagen supplement boost muscle growth? In this article, you’ll discover what research shows about collagen supplements and whether they can boost muscle hypertrophy. Get the full scoop on collagen for strength training.

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Insulin Resistance
Cathe Friedrich

5 Surprising Causes of Insulin Resistance

Insulin resistance becomes more common with age and with weight gain and being insulin resistance increases the risk of type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease. Here are some lesser-known causes of insulin resistance.

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Diagnose Heart Disease
Cathe Friedrich

6 Tests Doctors Use to Diagnose Heart Disease

How do you know whether your heart is healthy? If your doctor believes you have cardiovascular disease or if you’re at high risk, they may recommend a screening test. Here are six common tests for cardiovascular disease that your healthcare provider might recommend.

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Wider Shoulders
Cathe Friedrich

3 Best Exercises for Building Wider Shoulders

Would you like to have wider shoulders? There are some limitations based on bone structure and genetics, but some exercises that target the deltoids can modestly boost shoulder width by hypertrophying the lateral deltoids. Here are three of the best exercises for wider shoulders.

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Bone Spurs
Cathe Friedrich

5 Things You Should Know About Bone Spurs

How much do you know about bone spurs, overgrowth of bone in areas like the knees, toes, spine, and heels? Your odds of having one or more over a lifetime is high. Here are five fascinating facts about bone spurs you might now know.

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