One Rep Max Testing Works – by Laura


I have been a Cathlete since 2005 when I first saw Cathe on FitTV. Being a single mom it is a lot easier for me to workout at home than try to make it to the gym. I first bought some of Cathe’s cardio DVD’s. I added her weight workouts because I kept reading how important it is to use weights as I get older. I also wanted to get more toned. Although I love all the DVD’s, I was never sure if the weight I was using was the correct weight. I wondered if I was challenging myself enough or if I was trying to lift too much. I did a lot of reading about STS and watched a lot of the videos before I decided to buy it. I wanted to understand how it worked and the one rep max process.

The one rep max seemed to be the answer I was looking for. The math and science would tell me the weight I should be using. So I took the plunge. I did my one rep max and put all the info into workout manager. On STS days all I have to do is print out my w orkout and it told me what weights to use for each exercise. There was no more wondering if I was using the correct weight. Some mornings when I read my sheet to get my weights ready I would think “Wow! Really? I can lift that much?” and every time I did. What a huge confidence builder it is to start my day off that way. After my first rotation I am much more toned and I lost a total of 6 inches. The side benefit of improving my strength 10-25% after the first rotation shocked me.

I feel there isn’t anything I can’t do after doing STS. I can’t thank Cathe enough for helping me to get the results I was looking for. Now I’m off to start my 2nd rotation.

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