My Journey with Cathe by Sherry

My journey with Cathe vy SherryI submitted a story a few years ago and actually won the Success Story category. So many things have changed since that time I feel compelled to make another submission. My first story was about my journey with Cathe through a very troubled marriage, an eating disorder, and an addiction to pain pills. As I stated the first time around, there was a period in my life when Cathe was literally my only connection to the outside world. Her dvd’s were such a source of comfort during a time when my life seemed very dark. Well, since that time, I have started on a new journey, complete with my Cathe arsenal. I remarried a wonderful man who started working out to Cathe with me and prided himself on being a “Cathlete.” He was 68 years old and had survived a triple bypass. He worked out with me consistently and we thoroughly enjoyed our “fitness” connection. Sadly, on August 26th, my husband decided to take his own life. Shocked and heartbroken, I moved in with my oldest son. Shortly after settling in, he gently chided to me to continue on with my workouts. I made myself do at least an hour of Cathe everyday. Not only that, my son started doing Cathe’s STS program, and during a very difficult time, we really had some lighthearted moments joking about how “mean” Cathe is. I had also sent my daughter Tabatacise so we all had a few laughs when discussing our fitness journey.

To sum it up, Cathe has been in my life since 1999, through good times and bad times. She is a staple in my everyday life and the joy of having her as such cannot be described in words. I am forever grateful to this wonderful woman who has been such an integral part of my life and fitness journey. I am thoroughly enjoying the new workouts….as a new chapter of my life opens, Cathe is once again a very important part of that.


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