Lean Legs and Abs Chapters and Premixes

Lean Legs and Abs Chapters and PremixesOur other lower body workout we will soon be releasing is called Lean Legs and Abs.  As with all of our new workouts, Lean Legs and Abs comes with several premixes that will let you eliminate equipment that you don’t have handy or skip sections of the video you prefer not to do. This can come in handy if you’re traveling and don’t have access to all of the equipment used in the main workout. Our premixes also allow you to select a workout that fits your time schedule and the variety of premixes will also help to prevent boredom. With our premixes you’re not just getting one workout, you’re getting 6 additional premixes and that means more value for your money. Here are the Chapter and Premix menus for Lean legs and Abs:



Warm Up
Compound Legs
Bonus Barre


  1. Lean Legs and Abs + Bonus Barre:  (Warm Up, Compound Legs, Chair/Firewalkers, Bonus Barre, Core, Stretch)
  2. Lean Legs and Abs + Bonus Barre (No Core):  (Warm Up, Compound Legs, Chair/Firewalkers, Bonus Barre, Stretch)
  3. Lean Legs and Abs + Bonus Barre (No Chair/Firewalkers):  (Warm Up, Compound Legs, Bonus Barre, Stretch)
  4. Timesaver #1 (No Chair/Firewalkers): Warm Up, Compound Legs, Core, Stretch)
  5. Timesaver #2 (No Core): Warm Up, Compound Legs, Stretch)
  6. Timesaver #3 (Chair/Firewalkers & Barre): Warm Up, Chair/Firewalkers, Barre, Stretch)
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