Journey to a New Me by Nicole (loses over 113 pounds!)


Back in 2003, I came across one of your workouts while watching FitTv. I had a stability ball and decided to exercise along with you. Although I only had a pair of 5 pound dumbbells, I gave it my all and had a wonderful workout. The following night I tried to follow along to one of your step routines and thought, I will never be fit enough or coordinated enough to do this. I thought a few other things, but it’s not fit to print. About a week later, Kick, Crunch and Punch came on. Being a kickbox enthusiast, I joined in and loved every sweaty minute of it. Afterwards, I logged unto your website for the first time, and was introduced to the Cathe Nation. My first purchase was Basic Step. I did that routine everyday until I was able to get it down. From there, I tackled Step Blast. I can’t begin to describe the overwhelming sense of accomplishment I felt when I was able to complete the entire routine. At the time, I weighed 292 pounds and working out along with you was quite a feat. However, you and your crew helped to instill raw determination within me that pushed me to the end. I even learned to love resistance training, which I had previously said was a spawn of the devil. Receiving one of your series or individual DVDs in the mail is like Christmas. I actually held the STS cardio package close to heart and danced when it first arrived. Maybe that’s too much information.

I had the pleasure of meeting you in NYC when you had your Eggland sponsored road trip. Not only was the workout


phenomenal, but you could not have been more gracious. I remember coming up to you at the end to thank you for a wonderful day. Although I wanted to hug you, I was a sweaty mess and tried to keep my distance. You hugged me immediately and congratulated me on doing a great job during the workout. Since then, I’ve lost 113 pounds and counting. People always comment on the fact that although I’ve lost a lot of weight, I have very little loose skin. I can honestly say that following your weight and cardio routines have changed the shape and definition of my body. I can actually see muscles! I’m stronger, happier, healthier and the most confident I have been in my entire life. I truly love exercising, and your workouts have been a consistent and integral part in my road to better health. Every time I pop in one of your DVDs, it’s like working o ut with a friend, the most in shape friend I know, but a friend nonetheless. Thank you for 8 years of pushing past my limit, strength, endurance, health, energy through the roof and boundless happiness.

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