Introducing “Triple Tracks Audio” ™

Introducing "Triple Tracks Audio" ™

Our company has always been about producing the highest quality workout DVDs in the industry. This includes spending extra time and effort on every detail, including video sets, outfits, filming, DVD chaptering and premixes and most importantly the custom music we use our DVDs. Every song in our videos is selected and made from scratch under Cathe’s direct supervision. This process takes 4 to 6 months of daily work to complete.

Still, it’s hard to please everyone when it comes to music since people have a wide variety of musical likes and dislikes. But something we have noticed from the feedback we have received on our Facebook Fan page and our forums is that we can divide people that use our videos into two groups – Those that prefer instrumental music and those that prefer music with vocals.

Introducing “Triple Tracks Audio” ™ 

We can’t please everyone when it comes to music genres and particular songs, but we have developed a way to please those of you that prefer instrumental music and those of you that prefer music with vocals on the same DVD. We call it “Triple Tracks Audio” ™ and we plan to make this available on many and perhaps all of our new videos.

What is “Triple Tracks Audio” ™ ?

On our typical DVD we usually give you two audio choices:

• Vocals only (cathe’s voice only, no music)
• Normal (Cathe’s voice plus music with singer vocals)

With our new “Triple Tracks Audio” ™ we will add a third track of instrumental music . Thus, you will be able to listen to your new Cathe DVD in three different ways:

• Vocals only (cathe’s voice only, no music)
• Normal (Cathe’s voice plus music with singer vocals)
• Instrumental music (Cathe’s voice plus instrumental music)

Triple Tracks Audio” ™ will let you enjoy your Cathe DVDs in different ways. If you don’t like sound-a-likes, now you can play just the instrumental version. If you prefer to play your own music you can select the vocals only option. Though we can’t please everyone’s musical taste, Triple Tracks Audio” ™ is an industry first that should please the majority of workout enthusiast.

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