Hard Work and Triumph by Amy

Hard Work and Triumph by AmyI was a very sick little girl when I was 10 years old; I had developed the autoimmune disease type one diabetes so my body had stopped producing insulin and I was cannibalizing myself in order to have enough energy to move through my day.

Ten years later I was doing great (I have taken insulin daily since March 1988 and currently use an insulin pump) and when I met my husband we ate out a lot-it was a lot of fun, and life seemed bright! I watched myself grow bigger and bigger, and all of a sudden I found myself standing in a department store with Queen sized underwear in my hand! I was 23 years old.

Off to Weight Watchers I went, knowing now was much better than later when it comes to weight loss. I took about a year and a half to reach my goal weight, and while it was a challenge to lose the 45 pounds, I was having a lot of fun watching myself shrink. I started running mid-way through my weight loss and kept at it, knowing that was a key I needed to keep off excess weight.

I ran so much and so unwisely that I developed a stress fracture in my leg-no more running! I went in search of low impact workoutsAfter right around the time Cathe introduced Low Max. What a wakeup call! I had been committed to the Firm and seriously thought Cathe was crazy during the warm-up. I stuck with it, and when she said “push through it” as I teetered on the corner of the step as my poor tired leg kicked to the front… I knew.

I was there. I had found her. I had what it would take to keep exercising however I could for however long I can.
Shortly after I worked my way back to full impact workouts and running, I started working as a bootcamp instructor. I’ve been a certified personal trainer for over six years now, and love to help people reach that same awakening I had in front of my TV.

LowMax is now my absolute favorite workout, yet I save it for times I need a workout that not only gets me exhausted but also simultaneously lifts my spirit.

big_amy24 years after that picture was taken, I don’t waste a minute. I need my body to allow me to accomplish whatever lies ahead-marathons, bar exams, marital or economic tough spots, maintaining the best blood glucose levels I can manage at all times. Thanks to the support of Cathe.com and Cathe herself, and thanks to my second chance in life with my diabetes management, I know can do it.
Thank you!

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