First STS Clips now on YouTube

We have now posted our first STS clips on YouTube. We plan over the next several weeks to continue to release clips from the rest of the STS DVDs and will eventually have clips from nearly every workout in the STS series playing on YouTube.Here are the two links to the STS Workouts:
Over 1500 songs have and are being created for the STS series by a team of six nationally known composers. STS is a unique type of program for us and presented some very tough challenges as far as music goes. When you lift heavy weights to failure your rep speed will slow down as you approach failure and is also affected by the length of your limbs making it impossible for everyone to lift at a consentient speed. Our solution to this problem was to film without music and then add the music back to the video scoring the music to the movement and exercise as best as can be done until the rep speed drastically slows down because of fatigue.You will notice how the music ebbs and flows with the intensity of the exercise and even the breaks between exercises have their own special music that is much calmer in nature. When the next exercise begins the music will ramp up helping to energize you by the music so you can give the exercise your all.
With NFL Films spectacular filming and close-ups we hope you find even the breaks between exercises fun and enjoyable to watch.STS features a wide variety of workouts and today we’re just showing you one workout from Mesocycle #1. It will take us some time to tell the complete STS story on YouTube, but we look forward to showing you many more video clips from nearly every STS workout. So, keep checking back for more vid clips.
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