FINALLY! by Lisa C

FINALLY! by Lisa C I had to put that as a title because I FINALLY feel like the real me! I’ve been an exercise enthusiast for most of my life-love exercise. But I just couldn’t seem to lose weight these past few years. It was frustrating-because it was always the same thing-I’d start losing-then I would be stuck at a certain point and think that’s just where I am supposed to be. Or I would just give up and think well I am happy with myself as I am. But in reality I’m actually pretty frustrated that I didn’t work harder years ago because of how happy I actually am now!

I am so grateful that Cathe’s workouts were on FIT TV. Without that-I would have never heard of Cathe. I couldn’t believe how strong that little power house was! And the exercise form was great, awesome exercises, easy to follow routines, challenging-I could go on and on. Bottom line-one workout I was hooked.

I invested in the STS program years ago-and had su ccess with it-I was stronger and leaner-but I was happy with myself…and then XTrain came out. Luckily just before I started in January I had to buy a bathing suit-and I was shocked by the way I looked…I was miserable and unhappy-I promised myself I would be committed to the program and track everything I would eat. I even gave up alcohol for an entire month. Which was huge for me. Every week I would lose weight. I loved the workouts-I even wrote a blog about the workouts and my struggles and accomplishments doing the program. There wasn’t a workout I didn’t like…except maybe the Legs All Sections-I was just glad when it was over-TORTURE! In a good way. But I abolutely changed-I transformed into the me I am supposed to be.

Doing XTrain I lost 28lbs but I gained so much. I will continue to do Cathe workouts because there is no other person on the planet that has it figured out like Cathe does!

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