Cathe’s October 2017 Workout Rotation


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It’s officially Fall Cathletes, but we certainly won’t be “falling” off that workout wagon! This month we have an intense mix of heavy weights and high energy cardio to keep our internal furnaces burning to the max! Don’t forget quality sleep, plenty of water and healthy foods to fuel your workouts! You’ve got this!

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Mon… Xtrain Tabatacise

Tues…  RWH Lift It Hit It Back Biceps Shoulders

Wed… RWH Low Impact HiiT Two Plus Bonus Abs One

Thurs…  RWH Lift It Hit It Chest Triceps Shoulders

Fri… Xtrain Hard Strikes

Sat…  OFF

Sun…  RWH Lift It Hiit It Legs



Mon… Xtrain Burn Sets Bi’s and Tri’s

Tues…  RWH Plyo HiiT Two Plus Bonus Abs Two

Wed… Xtrain Burn Sets Chest, Back and Shoulders

Thurs…Xtrain All Out Low Impact HiiT

Fri… Xtrain Cardio Leg Blast

Sat… OFF

Sun… Xtrain Super Cuts



Mon…  Kick, Punch and Crunch

Tues…  Slow and Heavy Triceps and Biceps

Wed… Crossfire

Thurs… Slow and Heavy  Legs and Shoulders

Fri…  To The Max

Sat…  OFF

Sun.. Slow and Heavy Chest, Back and Planks




Tues…  IMAX 2

Wed…  Pyramid Lower Body

Thurs…   RockOut Knockout

Fri…  Step, Jump and Pump

Sat… OFF

Sun…  Pyramid Upper Body

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