Cathe’s July 2019 Workout Rotation

Cathe's July 2019 Workout Rotation

Hi Everyone!  In the July 2019 Workout Rotation we’re going to do a week of total body workouts mixed with cardio, a week of heavy weights mixed with cardio, a week of split routines mixed with cardio and finally a week of metabolic weights mixed with cardio.  This variety will surely keep your muscles shocked and working hard. As always to get the best results eat clean, stay extra hydrated and get lots of solid sleep.

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Mon…Maximum Intensity Cardio

Tues…Cardio Slam

Wed…Muscle Endurance

Thurs…Cycle Sweat (or cardio of choice)

Fri…..Muscle Max

Sat…Rock’m Sock’m




Mon…Slow & Heavy Legs & Shoulders

Tues…Party Rockin Step Two

Wed…Slow & Heavy Chest & Back

Thurs…Pedal Power (or cardio of choice)

Fri…Slow & Heavy Biceps & Triceps

Sat…Rock Out Knockout




Mon….4DS Higher Intensity Step

Tues…Yoga Max

Wed….4DS BootCamp

Thurs…4DS KickBox

Fri…RIDE (or solid cardio of choice)

Sat…4DS Lower Intensity Step




Mon…LITE Metabolic Blast


Wed…Metabolic Total Conditioning

Thurs…Hard Strikes

Fri…LITE Metabolic Blast

Sat…IMAX 2


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