Cathe Filming Update: 7-15-13

Cathe Filming Update - 7-15-13

This is an off week for filming for us, but we’ve been busy working on editing the 6 videos we have already filmed. This last week we finished the “rough editing” of both Party Rockin Step workouts. We still will have some final edits to make on these two workouts, but 90% – 95% of the editing work is now done for both videos.

We’ve also laid in our new “Triple Tracks Audio” ™ for both step workouts and I really think you’re going to love this new feature we’re adding to most of the new DVDs. In watching both versions of the same workout with first the “music and vocals” option and then watching again with the “instrumental only” music it really does give the same workout a different feel.

We will continue working daily on the editing of the new workouts this week and then next week we will finish the filming of the two remaining workouts: X10 and Rockout Knockout!

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