Cathe as Inspiration After the Loss of My Son

layoutThis is not a success story about weight loss, but more about inspiration. My son took his life on January 31, 2011.

I have been an avid Cathe fan for about eight years. Of course, after my loss had absolutely no motivation for anything. However, exercising was such a routine in my life, I felt odd not doing my Cathe DVDs. I had to continually push myself everyday to work out. Some days I had good intentions, but to no avail I did not workout. Other days, I tried to talk myself into excising. The days I actually did get the motivation and energy to exercise, I got tired very easily and just did not have the energy. I began to dislike working out because it was so hard and draining. I had no energy and I did not find it fun anymore.

However, after about six weeks after my son’s passing, I pushed and pushed myself to workout. I started out with very easy step and weight training workouts and then started doing them daily again. I used to wo rkout seven days a week, but now I only workout five days, which to me is a huge accomplishment. Believe me there are days when I DO NOT want to exercise. I would rather stay in bed, but I motivated myself (almost every morning lol).

Performing Cathe DVDs motivated me a great deal. Doing her workouts have helped me both physically and especially mentally. Of course, I miss my son horribly every day and would do anything in the world to have him with me. I can not emphasize how much Cathe and her crew has helped me feel a little bit better each day! I want to thank Cathe for all her dedication to her fans and I want to especially thank her for making such a difference in my life!! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

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