Cathe’s Low-Impact Series Makes My Spirit Happy! by Christine H.

Christine H.
Christine H.

I have been working out with Cathe for over a decade. Although my enthusiasm for and love of Cathe’s workouts hasn’t waned, my ability to perform some of them has. I love and hate high-impact workouts; although I enjoy their intensity, I often pay for them later with soreness or joint pain. It has been a long while since I’ve been able to enjoy Imax 2 or HIIT. I actually did a dance when Cathe’s low-impact series arrived in my mailbox. These workouts are wonderful, not only because they are less damaging to my joints, but also because they provide the same rigor as Cathe’s previous videos. I welcome the variety in the series-yoga, ballet training, cycling. I also love the discs (even though they sometimes get away from me!). These exercises expand my repertoire beyond traditional weights and cardio. The double and triple sets in several videos provide an additional challenge and make the workouts eas y to follow. I enjoyed these cycles in STS weight training, so it’s great to see them in the cardio workouts as well.

Another outstanding aspect of the series is Cathe’s attitude toward the body and its function. My favorite moment is when she tells her followers in Yoga Relax to honor, praise, and encourage our bodies “for the job well done.” She adds, “Our spirit is happy. It feels good to be healthy.” It has taken me years to learn to respect my body rather than push it to the point of exhaustion. Cathe reminds me that health is the goal of exercise, not competition with others or a younger version of myself. Thank you, Cathe, for providing workouts that both challenge our bodies and teach us to value the work they do. The only drawback to the series is Cedie’s absence. I miss her!

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