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Green Tea

The Stress-Relieving Benefits of Green Tea

 You might think that green tea would cause you to feel anxious or hyper. However, certain types of green tea have a calming effect. Rather than making you jittery, it can actually calm stress and help you focus in a relaxed way. Here’s why.

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Cathe's January 2021 Kickstart Workout Rotation 

Cathe’s January 2021 Kickstart Workout Rotation 

What better way to make sure we kick the year off right than with my new intense January 2021 Kickstart Workout Rotation ! Whether you’re setting fresh goals or continuing where you left off last year, this rotation is sure to burn off some extra Christmas cookies! This rotation mixes my newest series, Perfect 30, with the Ripped with HiiT series for an intense, super sweaty month of challenging workouts! Each week will include one day of yoga and one day of mobility to offset five days of intense routines! If you need any extra rest or stretch days please take them! Let’s get in and get to it! 

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Bean & lentil Pasta

Is Bean and Lentil Pasta Healthy?

Pasta is an American favorite and is popular in other countries of the world, including Italy. However, pasta gets a bad rap for causing weight gain, especially since Americans consume generous portions. Is bean and lentil pasta a healthier alternative? Find out.

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Nut Butters

Are All Nut Butters Healthy?

Do you have nut butter in your cabinet? You might wonder whether all nut butters are equally healthy or whether some have nutritional and health benefits that make them a healthier choice. Read on to find out.

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