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Cathe's February 2021 Workout Rotation

Cathe’s February 2021 Workout Rotation

This month we will focus on mixing up our strength and cardio workouts from multiple series to keep our muscles firing in different ways throughout the month. Each week will contain a strength/cardio endurance workout day, a HiiT day,  an upper body and a lower body day, a step day, and a total body training day.

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6 Ways to Make Squats More Glute Focused

Squats is a lower body exercise that belongs in every strength-training routine. Squats are more of a quad-focused exercise, although the glutes and hamstrings get some stimulation too. However, you can make a few tweaks to increase glute activation when you squat. Here are six that work.

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Collagen Supplements

Can Collagen Supplements Boost Muscle Growth?

Can taking a collagen supplement boost muscle growth? In this article, you’ll discover what research shows about collagen supplements and whether they can boost muscle hypertrophy. Get the full scoop on collagen for strength training.

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Insulin Resistance

5 Surprising Causes of Insulin Resistance

Insulin resistance becomes more common with age and with weight gain and being insulin resistance increases the risk of type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease. Here are some lesser-known causes of insulin resistance.

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Diagnose Heart Disease

6 Tests Doctors Use to Diagnose Heart Disease

How do you know whether your heart is healthy? If your doctor believes you have cardiovascular disease or if you’re at high risk, they may recommend a screening test. Here are six common tests for cardiovascular disease that your healthcare provider might recommend.

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Wider Shoulders

3 Best Exercises for Building Wider Shoulders

Would you like to have wider shoulders? There are some limitations based on bone structure and genetics, but some exercises that target the deltoids can modestly boost shoulder width by hypertrophying the lateral deltoids. Here are three of the best exercises for wider shoulders.

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Bone Spurs

5 Things You Should Know About Bone Spurs

How much do you know about bone spurs, overgrowth of bone in areas like the knees, toes, spine, and heels? Your odds of having one or more over a lifetime is high. Here are five fascinating facts about bone spurs you might now know.

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