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weight loss

6 Risky Weight Loss Practices that Can Harm Your Health

Many people want to get down to their ideal body weight, but too many are willing to adopt unsafe and unsustainable practices to do it. It doesn’t have to be this way! Losing weight should make you healthier, not endanger your health. Here are 6 weight loss practices to avoid. 

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Does Hydration Play a Role in Fat Loss?

Can drinking more water help you lose more body fat? It’s an intriguing idea and there is some evidence that it can. Here’s what studies show about hydration and fat loss and why you should be drinking more water! 

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eating fruit

Does Eating Fruit Increase Hunger?

Have you ever eaten a piece of fruit only to feel hungry after an hour? Is fruit really less satisfying than other types of food and does it not satiate as well? Find out what research shows about eating fruit, its impact on appetite, and how to make it more satiating and satisfying.

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meal timing

Does Meal Timing Impact How Much You Eat?

Obesity is at epidemic levels. Part of the problem is the composition of the American diet. Yet, there’s also evidence that meal timing and when you eat matters. Can eating at certain times of the day or within a set time period help you eat less? Find out.

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Fish oil supplements

Does Fish Oil Speed Up Your Metabolism?

Fish oil is a popular supplement people take for heart health. While the heart health benefits of fish oil supplements have recently been called into question, there is some evidence that fish oil can boost the resting metabolic rate. Can fish oil make it easier to lose weight?

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weighing mistakes

7 Ways You’re Weighing Yourself Wrong

Chances are, you weigh yourself regularly to keep tabs on where you stand from a bodyweight standpoint. Yet many people make critical mistakes when the step on the scale and also misinterpret what those numbers mean. How many of these mistakes do you make when you measure your body weight?

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morning habits

5 Morning Habits That Make It Easier to Lose Weight

What’s the first thing you do when you wake up in the morning? Hopefully, it’s something healthy! If you’re trying to lose weight, certain morning habits could make it easier for you to slim down. Here are five-morning rituals, backed by science, that may help you get leaner.

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