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Overrated foods for Weight Loss

5 Overrated Foods for Weight Loss

You may have heard that such and such a food can help you lose weight. Often, the benefits are overhyped and you’ll see little difference if you add these foods to your diet. In this article, you’ll discover five foods often touted for weight control that don’t live up to their promises. 

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Intuitive Eating

Can Intuitive Eating Help You Lose Weight?

Few people get long-term weight loss success from dieting. There’s another approach that’s gaining followers. It’s called intuitive eating. Can this style of eating help you lose weight? Find out what we know so far about intuitive eating and how it differs from dieting. 

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Can Prebiotics Help You Lose Weight?

Prebiotics are related to probiotics, but they aren’t the same thing. Ideally, you want both in your diet – but can they help you lose weight? Find out what science says about gut bacteria, prebiotics, and the impact prebiotic-rich foods have on body weight.

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Can Hot Chili Peppers boost your metabolism

How Much Can What You Eat Boost Your Metabolism?

Can the foods you eat give your metabolism a boost? You hear a lot about metabolism-boosting foods, but how much truth is there behind the idea that specific foods can help you lose weight? Here’s what science shows about foods that elevate your metabolic rate. 

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Sugar and weight gain

How Sugar and Processed Food Cause Weight Gain

You’ve heard that sugar and processed carbohydrates are bad for you and contribute to weight gain. But why? Here’s why sugary, ultra-processed foods expand your waistline and how to avoid the health perils of too much sugar and junk food. 

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Type 2 Diabetes

The Surprising Effect Weight Loss Has on Type 2 Diabetes

We know that lifestyle factors impact blood sugar control. You might think if you’re diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, you’ll always have it. However, new research suggests that losing weight soon after the diagnosis may send type 2 diabetes into permanent remission. Here’s what you need to know. 

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