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Himalayan Sea Salt

Is Himalayan Sea Salt Healthier Than Table Salt?

You may have heard that pink Himalayan sea salt is better for you than table salt. In fact, people are choosing sea salt over table salt in record numbers. Although Himalayan sea salt is less processed than the table salt you buy at the supermarket, do the claims about its health benefits hold up to science? 

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Caffeine and working out

5 Ways Not to Get Caffeine

Studies show that caffeine may boost exercise performance, but not all caffeine sources are necessarily healthy or safe. Here are five that it’s best to limit or avoid.

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Eating a Mediterranean Diet

Can Eating a Mediterranean Diet Slow Aging?

The Mediterranean diet is a diverse diet that emphasizes whole plant-based foods, seafood, nuts, whole grains, and olive oil. These are some of the healthiest foods can you eat, so you might wonder whether the Mediterranean diet might slow aging. Here’s what science says. 

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Extra-Virgin Olive Oil & Olive Oil

The Difference Between Extra-Virgin Olive Oil & Olive Oil

Olive oil adds a delightful flavor to food, but it also has surprising health benefits. Before adding it to your next salad or saute, here are some ways that it may enhance your health. You’ll also discover the difference between extra-virgin olive oil and olive oil and why one is better from a health perspective.

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Dairy Foods

Do Dairy Foods Cause Inflammation?

Many people are trying to consume an anti-inflammatory diet these days. That’s because studies link inflammation with a variety of common diseases, such as cardiovascular disease, autoimmune diseases, and cancer. However, some people believe that dairy is inflammatory. Is there any truth to this idea?

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Sprouted Protein

Is Sprouted Protein Powder Healthier?

At health food stores, it’s not uncommon to see sprouted protein powder in big jars. Athletes and bodybuilders sometimes buy these products believing that sprouted protein is healthier. Is there any truth to the idea that sprouted protein is better for you?

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