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Spending time in nature can improve your health

How Spending Time in Nature Can Improve Your Health

How much time do you spend in nature? The time you spend outdoors in a green environment can have a positive impact on your mental and physical health. Even if you do an indoor workout, you can benefit from spending some of your free time outdoors. Here’s why.

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Vitamin C

How Does Vitamin C Affect Blood Pressure?

Vitamin C is an antioxidant vitamin you need for healthy connective tissue and immune function, but could vitamin C also help with blood pressure control? Find out what recent research shows about the role vitamin C plays in blood vessel function and heart health.

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Colon Polyps

Can Exercise Lower the Risk of Colon Polyps?

Colon cancer often arises from colon polyps. Therefore, if you can lower your risk of developing colon polyps, your risk of colon cancer drops. Although family history plays a role, so does lifestyle. Can exercise lower your risk of developing colon polyps? 

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Fatty liver disease

Exercise for Fatty Liver: Can It Help?

A variety of chronic health problems can shorten life. One you hear less about is fatty liver disease, a condition where fat builds up on the liver. The most common cause is non-alcoholic fatty liver disease, a health condition that now affects adults and even children. The good news? Lifestyle can make a difference. What role does exercise play in lowering the risk of non-alcoholic fatty liver disease?

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Lack of sleep and your immune system

How Does Lack of Sleep Affect Your Immune System?

Who isn’t concerned about having a healthy immune system? A variety of factors can impact how your immune system responds to a viral threat. One of them is lifestyle, including sleep. Read on and discover how sleep impacts the function of your immune system.

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