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Can Melatonin Lower Blood Pressure Naturally?

Some cases of high blood pressure require prescription medications. However, mild cases may respond to healthy lifestyle changes and, in some cases, supplements. Can the supplement melatonin lower blood pressure? Find out what research shows about melatonin and its impact on blood pressure. 

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Steam room

5 Ways Sitting in a Steam Room Can Improve Your Health

Can sitting in a steam room improve your health and sense of well-being? Science suggests that spending time in the warm, humidified environment of a steam room has health benefits. Read on and discover five ways relaxing in a steam room can improve your mental and physical health.

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Antioxidants and the risk of cancer

Do Antioxidants Lower the Risk of Cancer?

One way to lower your risk of health problems, including cancer, is to eat a healthy diet. In fact, experts believe that we can prevent at least 30% of cancers through lifestyle. Do some sources recommend eating an antioxidant-rich diet? Is there evidence that antioxidants reduce the risk of cancer. Find out what a new study shows.

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