The Music, and Choreography Can’t be Beat! – by Mg


Your step videos have been a regular play in my family room since my sons were toddlers. They are now graduated from college. And I am in better shape now then before I got pregant twenty some years ago, thanks to an hour every other day with Cathe.

Today, as in the past year, 5 of your DVDs never leave my player . . . it’s a no-brainer: I just skip to the next one each day (or every other, depending on work) and play, step, lift and sweat. Please make more like: Low Max, Low impact circuit, Body Max 2, Athletic Step and Step Moves . . (the music is great on all of these) and the combos not boring; they just keep getting better!

I am a two-time cancer survivor and a nurse in a very busy Trauma center. There is a well known founder of a gym around our locale. People at work wonder how I stay in shape when I tell them I don’t belong to any gym. When they talk about a personal trainer, I tell them I have one: Cathe! Her upbeat, “We’re in it together!” always makes me smile and she pushes me to my limit, “C’mon now, get your game face on!” with encouragement, just when its most needed. Please, please make more! Cathe and her regular gals (thank to Cede and her counting, not Cathe’s forte:) ), the music, and choreography can’t be beat!

Thank you for dress size 6 instead of 12, and arms that have some shape :). I am able to wear sleeveless tops! Best of all, is the amount of energy and stamina working out with Cathe has given me. She is also my mental therapy. When things get too demanding or overwhelming a good step session is a great stress reliever. And, unlike my friends, I don’t have to waste time driving to the gym and back. Her routines are able to do (to the max) right in my family room with out too much space required. She has trained me up with proper weight lifting combos and techniques, and also stretching afterwards. Her welcome use of free weights and step keeps the amount of exercise paraphenalia to a minimum.

Thank you, Thank you and please don’t stop making 45- 60 minute step DVD’s!

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