Being Strong and Healthy is the New Way to Be

Being strong and heathy is the new way to beI started working out with Cathe and her crew 8 years ago. I had already had a sister that had been working out with her and introduced me to Cathe. I remember the first DVD she gave me, Basic Step and Body Fusion!! From that point on and 100 DVD’s and downloads later I was hooked!!!

I started working out more, feeling better, eating better and sleeping better. Then after that I was able to get my family more heathy and eating better, exercising more, making them have better food choices. It was not long and my husband was hooked on to Cathe!! So we refer to some of our exercise days as Cathe days, what DVD did you do today?? And we always compare our DOMS. I still have days where I am up and down, but I keep at it!! It’s the one thing that always stays consistent in my life. Cathe and friends are always there. I get up every morning and get my day started with Cathe. When I am done, I know that I can handle anything life throws at me.

Eight years ago when I started Cathe I weighed  200 lbs and now maintain my weight now at 140 lbs. Hard work does pay off as my daughter can tell you. To get her in the best shape for college soccer try-outs in the fall, I had her Tabatasice with me. And YES, try-outs are over and she made the team!! So Lets keep on training together Cathe!! Can’t wait and see what you throw at us next us!! From the road trips, to live feed classes, to the newest DVD’s, downloads, health and nutritional information you give us. It’s keeps me keeping exercise fresh, new and exciting every time you come out with something new.

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