A Plateau Breakthrough!

img_0019I’ve been working out with Cathe for 10 years and enjoy ALL of her DVDs… Cathe has helped through so many milestones in my life… getting my body back after the birth of both my boys, getting me strong and fit as I trained for 2 marathons and just putting a smile on my face when I was feeling BLAH! There have been days when the only way I could get some spring in my step or clear the bugs from my head was a “date” with the best trainer in the business!!

As of late, I have been suffering from a little (okay, a lot) of the 40 something muffin top… it got to the point where I just shrugged and said “well, my time has come, this is what everyone was talking about… just wait until you turn 45!” I was at peace with my new friend, I even named her Marcy … I squeeze her and pinch her and learned to embrace her. Sure, I missed my cute jeans; sure, I missed my fitted shirts, but I conceded… the plateau was now looking unbreakable and I was content to now TRY and keep Marcy under control (at times, she can get a little carried away). But ALAS, sorry Marcy… we must part ways… since LIS, you have not been “around” as much… I’m dumping you for Tammy the Two-pack! ( hopefully with more Afterburn, I’ll dump Tammy for Sally the Six-pack). This series has produced more DOMS, more tightness, more firmness than I ever imagined… I feel every movement in every muscles and NOT on my joints!

I LOVE mixing this series with ALL the classics and previous series… it is such a wonderful balance; the muscle confusion is tremendous! Keep ’em coming, Cathe… you never disappoint!!!

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