A Great Gift–With Unexpected Benefits!


About 7 years ago at age 32, I went through major back surgery for a grade 4 spondylolisthesis. I suffered permanent nerve damage and some muscle atrophy in one leg. I had many doubts and questions in my own mind as to what life would look like and how active I would be able to be. I had always considered exercise to be a lifestyle rather than an option, but was unsure what the future would look like.

I slowly began my return to fitness with low impact workouts – an elliptical machine and a recumbent bike. My doctor encouraged me to maintain the workouts to keep me healthy and to keep my weight stable. I have always been “big-boned” and not exactly tiny and petite. I had accepted my weight as normal for my body size and type, especially since I have weighed the same amount pretty much since my surgery 7 years ago. I could work out and sweat with vigor for extended periods of time, while I never could lose weight. I just accepted this as the way my body was.

About 3 years ago, I stumbled upon Cathe on FitTv. I was instantly drawn to her enthusiasm and challenging workouts. I searched ahead on TV schedules to find more Cathe workouts and would work out with Cathe as often as possible. I was amazed at what I found out I could do with my workouts, despite my nerve damage. As I started to get stronger, I found I could go for runs, hikes, and even scrimmage as I helped coach my daughter’s basketball team. All of these were blessings I had thought might never happen again, and I believe that participating in Cathe’s workouts helped give me the strength and foundation I needed to be active and healrhy.

This year for Christmas, my husband was stumped as to what gift to give me. I pleaded with him to let me order some Cathe DVDs from Cathe.com. He was excited at the thought and let me choose several DVDs from the site. I waited eagerly for them to arrive and have been using them almost daily. I have seen with consistency in rotating through Cathe workouts that I have continued to develop better strength and endurance. The many premixes give so many different options for me to conquer each day. I am never bored! Cathe’s intensity keeps me motivated and encouraged, pushing me to go beyond what I ever thought I could do. I have quickly come to feel like Cathe and her “crew” are friends.

There is one more benefit that happened quite unexpectedly. I stepped on the scale and discovered I have lost weight! It may seem odd to you that this was an unexpected benefit, but it truly was. I lost 8 pounds in about 1 ½ months! I have exercised faithfully for years and did not really believe I could lose weight. I attribute the weight loss to consistent participation in Cathe workouts. I am stronger and healthier as I approach age 40-and I plan to continue that trend! With Cathe, I can always find a workout that will challenge and inspire. I feel great! I plan to expand my collection and keep Cathe’s workouts as a main part of my exercise lifestyle for years to come. Thank you, Cathe!

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