A Dream Of A 61 Year Old Woman by Jane McBride

Before I asked Cathe for help in January of this year, I was diagnosed with Gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD). With those who have this disease you know how devastating this can be on simply living.

A Dream Of A 61 Year Old Woman by Jane McBrideThe doctors tried to help me with drugs, but with every drug they prescribed me, the effect was worse on my life. Once I even had to go to the Emergency Room because of the drug they gave me.

I needed some motivation to help me with diet (my diet certainly wasn’t helping) and exercise, because I was suffering (in pain) so badly. I was at a very low point and truly didn’t know what else to do to relieve my symptoms like; nausea, pinching, sour and burning sensations in my stomach. I was not a healthy person even though I wanted to be so badly.

I asked myself what I wanted to do now? It had to be something I always wanted to do. I came up with wanting to have a body of a body builder like Kelly Nelson (she was 72 when she was competing as a body builder) who was a huge inspiration for me. I know what you are saying, at age 61 she is thinking way beyond her dreams.

Certainly I hadn’t a clue on how to do something like this, even though I knew it was possible, so I asked Cathe. With her very busy schedule she was able to help me in two ways that the doctors couldn’t help. She prescribed me a 9 month rotation and because I needed to lose weight too she also said tweaking the Paleo Diet helped her. Not that she needed to lose weight, but that it’s a diet that would help me reach my goals in wanting to gain strength.

Went on the Paleo diet and my life changed right before my eyes. In just a matter of a few days mind you, I had no more symptoms of GERD. I still have GERD and on occasion some of those sensations comes back to haunt me, but only as a gentle reminder that the particular food I ate is not good for me.

I started out with the STS program, which I thought would be sufficient enough to use the 3 1/2 program. Started in January of this year and used very low weight. I’m Remembering how hard it was to use 9#’s for one arm rows, 8#’s for triceps, 25#’s for deadlifts, 3 #’s for bench presses, just to mention a few. During this rotation my strength gains became remarkable! I now use 30#’s for one arm rows, 12#’s for triceps, 50#’s for deadlifts and 60#’s for bench presses.

In only a little over 3 short months, my strength gains have doubled and in some exercises even more! That is so impressive to me. I am continuing with my rotation and I’m on my way in having my dream come true. Cathe’s STS program gave me all the motivation I could ever ask for to continue with my dream. The adventures of a body builders body coming true right before my eyes, being true to myself and of course most of all to be healthy and fit.

I want to thank Cathe for giving my life back. I certainly didn’t know where it was heading and was frightened that I may not have made it through. What a bright future ahead of me and one I’m gladly a part of. An adventure that will be pain free, fit, healthy and happy.

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